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The efficacy of vitamin K1

  • Maintain more bone density and bone strength
  • Participate in coagulation
  • Indispensable for people taking antibiotics

‧It is an indispensable and important nutrient in the human body, but lack of it is rare in the general population.

‧It is mainly to help wounds heal and promote normal coagulation of wounds, so as not to cause danger to life due to excessive bleeding.

‧Prevent hemorrhoids and internal bleeding, improve the symptoms of frequent nosebleeds, and reduce heavy bleeding during menstruation.

‧There are three types of vitamin K group: K1, K2, K3; K1, K2 can be taken in green vegetables or synthesized by the intestine, and K3 is a synthetic vitamin.

‧Diabetic patients. For patients with intestinal diseases, taking antibiotics for a long time, or taking anticoagulant drugs, the drugs used by the above-mentioned patients will hinder the body's absorption of vitamin K, so appropriate supplements must be made.

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