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OUR PHILOSOPHY & order process






Shopping process description
​Enjoy regular discounts

1. Please select the product first. When you have selected the product you want to buy,

Please press the [add to cart] button next to the product,
You can choose to continue shopping or checkout,

2. Simply join the membership. Fill in the order information correctly:
Please check the product name, amount and quantity of the purchase list,

Fill in the remaining unfilled fields in detail,
In order to ensure the success of the transaction and to send the goods to you quickly and without error, please fill in the order information carefully.
Recipient's name, phone, email, and shipping address.

3. Choose payment method:
After filling in the order information, please select your suitable payment method, and finally press the confirm button to complete the transaction.

4. E-mail confirmation order list:
After you complete the ordering process, the shopping list will be sent to your designated e-mail box through the system in about 2 to 5 minutes.​

If you have not received it after 24 hours of waiting, please contact us for order confirmation.​

Sincerely welcome all netizens to join the exclusive members of this website,

Subscribe to the newsletter is our member.

Receive various discounts from time to time,

All good things are only available to you as a member.

Choice of payment method

There are payment methods

1. Paypal credit card online swiping (including buyer protection)

2. Taiwan ATM bank transfer.

3. Alipay

Return and exchange issues

Medical beauty and food products are shipped internationally in order to avoid disputes.

Once received, no returns will be accepted.

But if the goods are missing, wrong or damaged when you receive it. Please contact us immediately. We will help you deal with it immediately.

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