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Via Biona- Lung Vitamin

From the trace element therapy brand created by the Nobel Prize winners.

This brand is specially coordinated with German vitamin naturopathic physicians.

The new ingredient formula of seven most effective plant complexes to care for the bronchus.
Long-term damage: through active smoking and passive smoking to dust, air pollution, humidity, cold weather, and of course, special sensitive physique, permanent breathing difficulties. Painful cough.
It is suitable to help heavy smokers with serious health problems and chronic lung congestion.

Each bottle: 60 tablets. Shipped in groups of two bottles.

Every two capsules:
Boswellia extract 300 mg Maitake mushroom extract 300 mg Elderberry extract 300 mg L-glutathione 200 mg Thyme 100 mg Vitamin C 100 mg Coenzyme Q10 30 mg

German Trace Element Therapy Specialist-Via Biona-Lung Vitamin 60 Tablets x 2

NT$4,800 Regular Price
NT$4,200Sale Price
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