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German Balea Hyaluronic Acid Lifting Firming Moisturizing Essence Ampoule (7 packs)

The highly concentrated active ingredients bring incredible instant effects, which can bring you beautiful surprises at the first moment of use, improve the extensibility and elasticity of the skin, nourish the skin's activity, and smooth out wrinkles.

The formula especially contains plant extracts, smooths the skin, effectively tightens and lifts, and slowly disappears the sagging skin caused by the years. Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizing ingredient. Because of the popular promotion of beauty teacher Niu Er, it has become the most popular moisturizing and hydrating ingredient in various forums and experts. It is known as an ideal natural moisturizing factor and is currently found in nature. Skin care products use substances with the best moisturizing properties. Because skin aging and various blemishes are often caused by skin dehydration, hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid is known as the "golden key to skin youth." Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is also a very expensive raw material, often used in expensive high-end skin care products.

BeautyEffect Firming Lifting Essence Ampoule is a highly concentrated and effective care product. It has a highly concentrated essence and contains hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid to effectively promote cell regeneration.

Due to the many sources of pollution in the modern environment and the high pressure of life, many people have a lot of skin conditions during the change of seasons, after giving birth, or when working pressure is high. Daily maintenance alone is not enough to solve skin problems. Therefore, high concentration, High-efficiency intensive treatment maintenance, first aid for the skin. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, treatment-type skin care products usually require smaller packages to maintain the stability of the ingredients.

[Product ingredients]: Hyaluronic acid

[Product Efficacy]: Make the skin firm and firm, and moisturize strongly

【Usage】: There are 7 ampoules in this product package, which is a course of treatment 7 days a week. When opening the injection, you need to wrap it with a handkerchief, tap the top of the injection gently, and then carefully break it apart. After cleansing the face every night, take a 1ml bottle and open the ampoule, and evenly apply the essence on the face and neck, and gently massage , The effect will be better. Please use it continuously for 7 days without interruption. After 7 days, the skin is supple and smooth, firm and tender, and youthful radiance reappears! It is definitely an awesome product that improves the visibility! Continue to do this, without interruption, use 14 days as a small course of treatment.

German authentic Balea Hyaluronic Acid Concentrated Essence Ampoules Seven Packs

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